Deburring Tool with 10 High-Speed Steel Rotary Burr Removal Blades + Countersink Hand Reamer

  • $25.73
  • Save $1.26

Even intricate deburring projects are no match for this powerful tool set! This 3-piece set includes a heavy-duty deburring tool, countersink hand reamer, and 10 high-speed steel rotary blades. It’s the perfect option for professionals on the job or in garages. Safely remove plastic, metal, and wood burrs from a variety of surfaces. With 10 replacement blades, you’ll be able to enjoy this tool for the long term.

In this set, you’ll also receive a countersink hand reamer to help smooth surfaces and countersink circular openings in wood, plastic, or metal. The ergonomic handle is designed for maximum comfort when you’re working long hours in small spaces.

  • Incredibly durable aluminum handle with wide body style for comfortable gripping
  • Includes 10 tempered high-speed steel blades
  • Fits all types of blades
  • Includes a sharp 62-64 HRC 90-degree angled blade hand reamer