Classic Deburring Tool with Blade and Triangular Shaper

  • $13.37
  • Save $2.62

When faced with burrs on pipes, industrial items and other garage items, you need a professional tool to remove them safely. The Approved for Automotive Deburring Tool is a powerful option for scraping, trimming, and deburring almost all materials, including stainless steel. This tool is even ideal for heavy duty deburring projects, including 3D printing projects and even industrial projects.

Choose this tool for your next project in your professional garage or DIY project. It’s easy and safe to use on nylon, ABS, and PLA without melting the filament. As an added bonus, you’ll appreciate the protection from the included plastic guard that makes it safe to carry in your pocket wherever you might need it. We’ve also included a triangular scraper to assist with your project.

  • Versatile deburring tool set for a variety of purposes
  • Durable Pro M blades crafted of tempered high-speed steel (M2 grade)
  • Perfect for heavy duty deburring and 3D printing projects
  • Includes plastic blade guard to keep blades sharp and safe