AFA Tooling 4-Piece Set Nylon Reinforced Heavyweight Wheel Chock with Eyebolts

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Stay safe with reliable heavy-duty wheel chocks. These chocks are crafted with reinforced nylon for a reliable hold against dangerous rolling accidents. You can use the AFA Tooling 4-Piece Set of Nylon Reinforced Heavyweight Wheel Chocks for a variety of purposes including holding cars and trucks as well as recreational vehicles including ATVs or tractors.

When safety is your biggest priority, choose the security of AFA Tooling’s wheel chocks. You’ll feel great about your choice.


  • Heavy duty wheel chocks reinforced with nylon – perfect for heavy equipment
  • Easily connect chocks with double reinforced eyebolts designed for tough surfaces like dirt and gravel
  • Provides superior safety for heavy recreational equipment and construction vehicles
  • Measures 5”Wx8”Lx4”H for a durable, sturdy placement for trucks, ATVs, and more
  • Raised rib pattern provides excellent traction to support stay-in-place design

UPC: 810122277538