AFA Tooling Deburring Tool + 10 Burr Removal Blades

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Make your next deburring project a breeze with the AFA Tooling Deburring Tool + 10 Burr Removal Blades. You’ll easily complete all types of deburring projects, including fine detail work for metal pipes, tubing, conduit, and PVC. Use this tool for cross holes, deep holes, straight edges, and curved edges as you need. With 10 extra included blades, you’ll be relying on this tool for a long time to come.

  • Strong aluminum handle with a wide body style for perfect comfortable grip and use
  • Versatile hand deburring tool is perfect for a variety of projects from professional to DIY on surfaces ranging from plastic to metal, aluminum, and wood
  • Blades crafted from high-speed steel that’s highly resistant to wear and tear
  • Perfect fine-tuning blade for 3D printing objects
  • Hard steel front housing is extra-durable and fits all kinds of blades including swivel heads


Specifications for BS1010 Blades:

Overall Length: 1-7/8” (47.5 mm)

Length Inside Handle: 9/16” (13.6mm)

Length From Outside Handle: 1-5/16” (33.9mm)

Cutting Length: 9/16” (14.5 mm)

Shank Diameter: 1/8” (3.2 mm)

Blade Angle: 40°

Material: M2 HSS

Hardness: 62-64 HRC