AFA Tooling 4-Pack Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks

  • $41.73
  • Save $9.26

Grip the road and prevent slipping accidents with our trusted AFA Tooling 4-Pack Heavy Duty Wheel Chocks. Place these wheel chocks behind the tires of virtually any vehicle – from your every car or truck to heavy-duty recreational vehicles including trailers, RVs, and ATVs. You can trust that your vehicle will stay in place – even on uneven terrain like gravel or dirt.

Our chock blocks are crafted from reinforced nylon with a ribbed design that promises enhanced grip. You’ll lean on these chocks for sun, sand, snow, mud, dirt, dust, and even ice.


  • 4-pack wheel chocks fit a full axle and are perfect for any weather
  • Stop dealing with metal eyebolts and reach for our built-in handles for easier handling and movement
  • Rubber wheel chalks offer superior grip so you can just put in place and go – no need to pound or hammer them in
  • Perfect for all types of weather and terrain
  • Measures 8x3.5” and are perfect for stowing in trunks, toolboxes, and even behind your driver’s seat