Deburring Tool & Blade + 10 Bonus Blades & Countersink Hand Reamer

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Turn any challenge deburring task into one you can easily tackle. This Deburring Tool & Blade kit is ideal for cross holes, deep holes, as well as straight edges and curved edges. Use to remove burrs from cut pipe, tubing, conduit and PVC tubing, or for a variety of plumbing and workshop projects. This deburring tool easily holds all heavy-duty, 3.2mm swivel head blades. It includes 10 bonus blades crafted in tempered high-speed steel for an 80% longer lifespan than traditional carbon steel blades. This deburring tool kit also includes a Countersink Hand Reamer for circular openings in wood, plastic or metal.

  • Includes 11 heavy-duty s-blades (single + 10 bonus blades)
  • Durable high-speed steel deburring blades are resistant to wear and provide 80% longer use than traditional carbon steel blades
  • Comfortable, secure grip is easy to use - long-lasting aluminum handle
  • Great for use on metal, plastic, PVC and many other surfaces - for DIY projects and professional industrial use
  • Includes Countersink Hand Reamer with sharp 62-64 HRC 90° angled blade for countersinking circular openings in wood, metal or plastic

Specifications for Deburring Handle:

Length: 5.9” (150mm)

Diameter: 0.47 mm

Weight: 1.7 oz (50g)

Specifications for Deburring BS1010 Blades:

Length: (1.85”) 47mm

Weight: 1.5oz (42g)

Material: M2 HSS

Hardness: 62-64Rc

Specifications for Countersink Tool:

Countersink Angle: 90°

Hole Range: 1/8”-13/16” (3-20mm)

Blade Material: HSS

Hardness: 62-64 HRC